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DirectBuy Shreveport/Bossier City: Furniture, Appliances & Electronics

DirectBuy of Shreveport/Bossier City welcomes you to its beautiful showroom and is excited to be able to offer you the number one way in North America to buy virtually everything for your home. Whether you are building a new home, renting an apartment that requires furnishing, or revamping your living room furniture, you will find furnishings, electronics, appliances, and everything related right here at DirectBuy. DirectBuy is a membership club with over 400,000 members who love to save money on the incredible selection of products they have access to at confidential dealer pricing.

DirectBuy of Shreveport/Bossier City is happy to have spent the past five years servicing our members who live in Shreveport, Texarkana, Bossier City, Natchitoches, and Mount Pleasant. We have an experienced service team that works hard to keep our members happy and to help them achieve their purchasing goals.

The Place to Go for Home Improvement and Remodeling Supplies in Shreveport

One of the biggest reasons people consider membership in DirectBuy is for the incredible savings that they hear other members raving about. We offer confidential dealer prices on products from hundreds of manufacturers and their authorized suppliers. Statistics show that the average retail markup on home furnishings is about 30% to 45%, so you can see that there are potential savings on every product that we sell. Because you have exclusive dealer pricing, you will never pay hidden markups on the products you purchase. This means that you may be able to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your purchases for your home remodeling or refurnishing projects.

When you go to a retail sale, you often have a limited selection of products available at the sale or a discounted price for a limited time only. With DirectBuy, you have access to hundreds of thousands of products at confidential dealer prices all year round. This means you never have to wait for a sale to save money, and you don't have to settle for discontinued merchandise or only one or two brands at a sale price. Selection is incredible, and you will find that the quality products offered range from flooring to furnishings to window treatments to roofing. In fact, you can find nearly everything you need for any kind of remodeling or building project you may have in mind.

If you are not quite sure about your project, we also have a design center with qualified design specialists who can work with you to create the look you want. If you do know what you want, you can get the opinion of our specialists to help you move forward with confidence, whether you prefer a traditional look or a contemporary look.

Your Source for Furniture, Home Appliances, Décor and Electronics in Shreveport

There are many benefits of a DirectBuy membership, and one of the best ways to understand them all is to visit with a service representative at the DirectBuy of Shreveport/Bossier City. However, some of the benefits include the fact that you will never pay any hidden markups on the products you purchase. You are connected directly to the manufacturer and the confidential dealer pricing, so you always know what you will pay. If shipping, handling, taxes or other charges apply, you will always be informed before you make your purchase. Most members feel that the cost savings are well worth the membership fees, and most recoup their fees in savings well within the membership period and go on to save hundreds if not thousands of additional dollars.

If you hate to drive from store to store or even from town to town to find all of the products you need for your home remodeling projects, you will love the fact that as a DirectBuy member you will have access to hundreds of thousands of products from hundreds of different manufacturers. This selection is unbeatable, and with the confidential prices available on all products, you will be sure to save money by shopping with us. Not only will you save money, but you can do it from your own computer or in our showroom with our manufacturers' catalogues and confidential dealer pricing lists.

Where Shreveport Goes for Home Improvement and Remodeling Supplies

You will appreciate this new way of shopping because it is comfortable and relaxed. You will not feel pressured into purchasing a product because our service representatives are not working for sales commissions but are working to help our members meet their goals.

You can gather some excellent information from our website, but we also would love to meet you in person and would be happy to hear from you, whether by phone, email or when you visit our spacious showroom.

If you have a large home project coming up, such as a kitchen remodeling job or you need to furnish your living room, you have the potential to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars with our confidential dealer pricing. No matter what kind of home project you are planning, it will serve you well to check out our options and start saving money on all of your purchases.

We proudly serve the areas of Shreveport, Texarkana, Bossier City, Natchitoches, and Mount Pleasant.

Questions? Call Us:1-800-320-4964

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"Very helpful and nice. Answered all of questions, took us on NMO even though we didn't make an appointment. willing to refer friends and family. We will definately return and purchase more items. Service was great!"

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